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Efficient operation of the computer is possible only with the participation of the appropriate operating system. This type of software is important because it allows practical use of the hardware. Currently, the most popular solution to upgrade your device is the Microsoft Windows operating system.

 software has been modified several times, and with each new version, the manufacturer Microsoft updates the operating system with new features. Microsoft Windows is responsible for the efficient management of individual tasks, the proper launch of programs, storage in memory, and the security of collected data.

When we decide to buy an operating system, we can choose from several versions of the software. All of these are available in our Teamnet software:

Microsoft Windows Home is a product designed for users who use a computer or laptop at home. Home is the most basic version of Windows. If we are looking for the right software for an office environment, let’s choose the Pro version.
Microsoft Windows Professional is an operating system developed taking into account the needs and requirements of business customers. The software fully protects collected data, provides remote desktop services, creates virtual machines using Hyper v or BitLocker options. The use of this type of security guarantees the safety of the company's employees. Microsoft Windows 7 is considered one of the best operating systems developed by Microsoft. Compared to the old software, Windows 7 is enriched with an improved search engine, better tools, additional security options and an intuitive interface that can be configured to work with a mouse or touch screen. Microsoft Windows 8.1 is an updated version of Windows 8. This software features a mosaic system of programs and menus. Visually, the user interface has changed and we can customize it. This computer is suitable for desktops, laptops or tablets. Microsoft Windows 10 - This software has many improvements over the previous version of the computer. Thanks to the touch technology, the user can move his finger or zoom in on the elements on the screen. The keyboard shortcut and Start menu are also removed.
 Windows 11 is the latest version of Microsoft software. The main task of launching Windows 11 is to provide users with a unique experience.
 else can be found in the article? What programs should I install on my new computer?
 to install on a new laptop? Major computer programs
What programs do I need to install on my new computer?
 addition to a clear operating system, a new computer also needs antivirus software. This type of program is responsible for protecting the data stored on the device. In this way, the antivirus protects the privacy, passwords and hard drive of the user. No matter what hardware you have - desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone - installing antivirus software is essential.

Protect your device by choosing one of the antivirus programs available in E4Codes.com. Antivirus protects your hardware from viruses, malware, and spyware. Each of the products we offer guarantees complete privacy protection while browsing the web. Depending on individual needs and requirements, the user can decide:

he is

AVG antivirus
Bitdefender Antivirus,
data G,
 installing antivirus software on your device, the program scans your computer for malicious threats. A selective antivirus will periodically scan your computer or laptop for dangerous programs or viruses. Infected files are in quarantine. However, in some cases, it is necessary to delete a file that is a threat to the operating system.

Of course, it’s also worth protecting yourself against malware. First, do not download files from unknown sources. It is recommended that you change your username and password for all accounts every few months. You should also enable two-factor authentication, which increases the security of our account. What to install on a new laptop?
 laptop is a device with excellent functions. We can carry portable devices anywhere. The universal nature of the laptop means that it is an alternative to desktop computers - at home, in companies or public institutions. Effective use of the laptop thanks to the appropriate operating system and antivirus software.

In addition to the programs listed above, it is also valuable to equip the device with the Microsoft Office package. Such a tool is indispensable in home and office conditions. We have several versions of the office set. Our software store e4codes includes:

Microsoft Office programs,
Microsoft Office series,
Microsoft Office for Windows,
Microsoft Office for Mac,
Microsoft Office by Office,

Microsoft Office for Business
Microsoft Office for Education,
Microsoft Office for home.
 editing programs allow you to create documents, contracts, schedules, notes, or action plans. Content can be freely edited by styles, titles or specific font styles. A professional text editor allows students to create final theses necessary to complete a certain study course or semester at university. What tools are in the Microsoft Office Suite?
 World - text editor,
Microsoft Excel spreadsheets,
Microsoft Power Point - creating a presentation,
Microsoft Vision - creating and managing diagrams,
Microsoft Project - project management,
Microsoft Access - creating a database. Major computer programs
In our e4codes, you will find apps for any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The task of specific software is to perform specific tasks. The tools in our offer are intended for home and office conditions.

Operating system - The correct operation of the device is possible thanks to the operating system, which is the basis of every computer. The intuitive interface allows you to effectively use the device according to the needs and requirements of the user. This software provides complete control over hardware, tasks, installation and removal of programs and applications. The most important tasks of the operating system are maintenance, protection and upgrades.
 software - Protects data and passwords stored on the selected antivirus device and protects the privacy of user and hard drive. Our antivirus programs are fully compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system. Thus, the user can safely browse the Internet and use the available Internet options. Our offer includes many products, so it is easy to choose the right solution for your needs and requirements.
Office Suite
 - Office Suite is an essential accessory for any desktop or laptop computer. The main program is Microsoft World, with which you can create and edit text. This program is indispensable when creating final essays in schools or universities.
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