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ESD license
 (Electronic Software Distribution) license is a term that describes a type of full-scale software license. However, this is not a boxed version of the software license, but applies to electronic purchases. The required update code will be sent by email and a link will lead us to a page where we can download the purchased software.

 to the development of technologies, traditional ways of buying a certain product are gradually being replaced by modern means. An electronic ESD license is no different from previously recognized licenses purchased when you purchase a boxed version of a software or operating system. A full set of features of the purchased product is available to the user. It is noteworthy that the activation code assigned to the software is unique and is created specifically for a specific user.

The advantage of digital shopping is that there is no need to buy a boxed version of the product. The transaction takes place a few minutes from your home. Buying from a brick and mortar or online store that offers a physical version of the product requires a significant investment of time. When we decide to buy software with an ESD license, we don’t need to collect unnecessary boxes and physical environments, so the purchase is environmentally friendly.

The benefits of an ESD license are of course many, including:

Availability - Enhanced software can be purchased at any time with an ESD digital license. We are not limited by the opening hours of a regular store.
Saving time. The
 purchase takes comparatively less time than purchasing the boxed version. Modern - newer laptop models do not have a CD / DVD disc that comes with the physical product.
Protecting the Environment
 - We create less waste when we choose to buy digitally. Then we don’t collect unnecessary boxes and media.
Security. Buying an ESD-certified
 product is completely safe, so you don’t have to worry about not getting your chosen product. Cost reduction - digital purchases do not require distribution costs, which saves significant financial costs.
 - We can access the purchased software, operating system or game anytime, anywhere. What will you find in the article?

What is an ESD license? Windows ESD license
Examples of products in our store with an ESD certificate
OEM and ESD differences
What is an ESD license?
ESD licensing
 is an electronic way of distributing software. The purchase is quick and cheap, and the activation code is emailed. You can start installing the program of your choice in minutes after purchasing the digital version of the product. An electronic license gives the user more options than a standard purchase. It is not limited to just one device, so the user is free to transfer the purchased software to other devices at their disposal. This solution is suitable for those who have more devices.

The sale of products based on the ESD license is offered by many online stores. This possibility is becoming more and more popular, that is, over time, stores will completely abandon the offer of physical media. Our software store TeamNet is one of the trusted vendors with a wide range of digital products. The purchase of the selected software or operating system must be made only in conjunction with a certain mail store. The original product contains a unique code that is created individually for the user. So, sooner or later, it is unlikely that anyone will receive a digital activation code with the same characters.

Windows ESD license
The Microsoft Windows operating system is enriched with an ESD license. Digital purchases are no different from physical software purchases. We have legal products based on activation codes in the ESD license. The Microsoft Windows operating system is designed for business, office, and home environments. Laptop or Desktop - This type of software is necessary because it ensures the efficient operation of the selected device. The Windows system available in the TeamNet Software Store is currently the most popular software in the world. Used by millions of users every day. The fully intuitive system is very easy to use. But to use the software completely legally, you must purchase the product from a verified vendor. Our store is an authorized company that guarantees the purchase of goods in digital version from an official source.

The digital version is more attractively priced than the physical version of Windows
 with an ESD license. Mainly because there is no need to pay additional costs related to export.

Examples of products in our store with an ESD certificate
 wide range of products in our TeamNet software allows you to choose the right operating system or software for any type of device. What ESD-certified products can the user choose?

Windows 10 Pro is the successor to the Windows 7 operating system. The new version is enriched with new features. This type of operating system is suitable for all situations. Windows 11 Pro is the latest version of the software, released in late 2021. An ESD licensing system can be purchased in minutes. After purchase, an activation key will be sent by email.
Windows 11 Home is another type of software designed for
 home environments, but it can also deal with computer companies or various types of government companies. OEM ESD - Differences
 OEM license is assigned to a specific device to which an activation key is assigned. Purchasing a product with a BOX license allows you to freely transfer the software to other devices.
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