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Microsoft 2013 / 2010 is a set of office services available as part of a subscription. It is used in schools, institutions, homes or universities. Log in to Office 2013 / 2010 using a browser or application installed on your computer. What are the steps to log in to Office 2013 / 2010? Check all the information you need to log in to Microsoft 2013 / 2010, Outlook 2013 / 2010 and other programs in the package.

How to login to Office 2013 / 2010 for schools
Designed for education, Microsoft
 Office 2013 / 2010 offers web-based tools that help teachers, students, and alumni securely access email and important documents, calendars, and contacts  from anywhere. And on every device. This service combines the best of Microsoft communication and collaboration with educational institutions with individually designed subscription programs. It is important that Office 2013 / 2010 works perfectly and is compatible with the applications that teachers and students use in their daily work. Students and teachers from all educational institutions can register for Office 2013 / 2010 Education for free. This version includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Microsoft Teams. OneNote is a high-end digital notebook that makes it easy to organize content and collaborate with students, teachers, and other educators.

Office 2013 / 2010 Education allows you to bring conversations, apps, and content together in one place. With the free School Data Sync service, you can create a class and group in Intune for Groups and Education.

How to login to Microsoft Office 2013 / 2010
To use Microsoft Office services, you must be authorized - access to the software is provided by subscription to it for a certain period of time. Login is possible in the application collection, directly in the selected and installed application, or on the Office website, in the "Login" tab.

 in to Office 2013 / 2010
Logging in to Office 2013 / 2010 via a web browser is a more convenient solution if internet access is always available. The Office 2013 / 2010 login page is encrypted, making it very secure - you just need to enter your username and password to log in. If you forgot your login details, the Login to Office 2013 / 2010 feature will allow you to recover your password by resetting it. Office 2013 / 2010 Online requires a constant connection to a Wifi network. However, if you purchased the selected superpack, you can download some programs to your computer and run them offline. However, remember that it is impossible to work in a group on one document.

How to login to your Office 2013 / 2010 account
If you have an account with an assigned Office 2013 / 2010 license, you'll sign in with a few simple steps:

 enter your details - email address and password
 logging in, you will be taken to the Office 2013 / 2010 homepage, where you will find online apps such as Word, Excel and more. Depending on the Office 2013 / 2010 package you choose, you can also download the Office package to your computer, but this option is only available if you purchase a higher licensed version.
 you want to join the admin group? Use a client group that also allows you to manage Office 2013 / 2010. If you purchase Office 2013 / 2010 for multiple locations, you can add, delete accounts, grant specific permissions, and change the permission form via a dashboard. Entering the panel consists of several steps:

 to the website:
 enter your login credentials from the Office 2013 / 2010 admin panel and click Next.
After a successful login, the system will redirect you to the main page of the administration center. There you will find security settings, add-ons, and a group called Administration, which, as the name suggests, takes you
 to the Office 2013 / 2010 administration menu. How to login to Office 2013 / 2010 email
Office 2013 / 2010 email setup is done manually. First, you need to find the server settings, e.g. the IMAP or POP3 port number for the incoming mail server and SMTP for the outgoing mail server. How to do it? Log in and log in to Outlook 2013 / 2010 with the required password.
 in the upper right corner, select "Options" - then - "View all Outlook settings".
Select "Mail"
 and "Mail Sync". In this step, we will look at the settings needed to configure Microsoft 2013 / 2010 - POP and SMTP.
Want to sign in to Office 2013 / 2010 as a student? If your university provides an administrative mailbox for its students, log in by following a few simple steps:

Log in to your university's website - enter the first part of your email address (all before the @ sign)
 after logging into the system, the “Change password” option is selected. In this step, we enter a new password that will be used to log in to the office mailbox - it must contain 1 capital letter, 1 digit and a total of 8 characters. The new password cannot contain any part of the old password, the next 3 letters of your first or last name, or your login.
 next step is to save the changes and exit the panel. Before you can log in to Office 2013 / 2010 email, you need to clear the cache of a specific browser.
 go to A window will appear where you need to click on "Login".
As a user, enter
 the name of the user account, which is: A login window will appear in front of us.
In this step,
 enter the domain login and password @, then click Next. At this point another window will appear.
Enter the new and
 changed password in the "Password" field. If you use a public computer, remember that you do not need to store your password in the memory of your browser.
 you did everything right, the right website will appear in front of you. At this point, you can start working with Office 2013 / 2010.
 you first start Outlook email, a window appears asking you to set your language and time zone. When you have finished the actions, exit through the "Exit" icon. When using a public computer, we also select the “Forget this account” option. In addition, Outlook has a very handy feature that allows the user to allow another person to use the same email account. This feature is often used to allow administrative assistants to independently manage calendars or mail on behalf of other employees. Proxy is active in Outlook 2013 and 2020. To enter proxy permissions:

 the Outlook project
 the File tab, then click Details.
Click Account Settings.
Here "Give a prosecutor"
 - select this option,
 the "Agents" form will appear. Click "Add",
The next step
 in the form of "Add users" in the form click on the selected username and then "OK"
 the list "teacher" from the "Information Box" on the "Petka right" form, and then confirm "OK".
 the window agents, click OK at the end.
 to enter the office 2013 / 2010
Now you know how to log in Microsoft Office 2013 / 2010, it's worth noting what applications you can find in this package: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Free Outlook Cloud Space, Outlook Email, Micrich Communications, all companies you sync you can easily work. with the entire online group in the same documents. What is SharePoint? The functionality of the Microsoft service - SharePoint Online allows organizations and students to access timely and effective collaboration and exchange knowledge, resources, and information from a school, university, or organization. When a user account is created, a SharePoint web collection is automatically created, which is used by all employees in a company or organization. SharePoint is a way to store documents online, give users permissions to a web collection, and access documents from anywhere. I can't log in to Office 2013 / 2010
Can't log in to Office 2013 / 2010? Check if one of the following issues is paid:

inactive subscription,
 user account,
the account is blocked
 to log in using the wrong username or password;
 password - it may have expired. This can happen if the user account is new or the password has recently been reset.
 we are a user of a certain company, the login process is usually secured in two steps. Try one of the solutions below.

 login attempts with incorrect ID or password - after 10 failed login attempts, the user will be banned for 1 minute. Subsequent failed attempts will result in a lockout for more than one minute. To resolve this issue, try several methods: try again, update your password on all devices that connect to your account, or reset your password.
 login using a different user account. This problem occurs when you use multiple accounts in a browser. How to solve the problem? The first exit from the portal. Clear your browser cache a second time, delete cookies, and try logging in again.
Password change request. If this happens, the problem may be a temporary or expired password. When this information is displayed, change the password to a new one. Your account has been suspended and you must contact an administrator to delete it. Wait 15 minutes for it to settle, then log in again. Another method is to reset the password of an administrator who will unlock the account.
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