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Microsoft Office software is one of the most popular Microsoft products and one of the most widely used office series. It is the basis for performing various administrative tasks on corporate and personal computers. Now with the introduction of Office 365 subscription, most people have switched to this innovative package, however the traditional desktop office can still be successfully purchased in the market and many of us still have the desktop version of this traditional package. .

In the next article, you will learn how to activate the old version of Office in versions 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019. We also offer how to activate Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 and 2010.

Administrative implementation

First, let's see how the classic version of Microsoft Office differs from Microsoft 365. Microsoft Office is primarily an office suite that must be installed in a standard format and requires a one-time purchase to receive a lifetime warranty. Office 365 is an innovative product based on a subscription solution that provides remote access to all applications, current updates and the ability to collaborate on the same documents in real time. Even from the level of the newest Office 2019 collection, such a solution cannot be achieved. It is not surprising that Microsoft is gradually changing the classic version of the Office 365 package. What are the other differences between these packages?

Available updates
 - Office 365 provides remote and ongoing access to selected applications, including the latest updates and add-ons. OneDrive Cloud and more. In the context of Microsoft Office 2019, the single-use product becomes your lifetime value, but without access to the latest applications.
Purchase price. You
 buy Office Classic 2019 once and pay a monthly or annual fee as an Office 365 subscription. Access to the selected applications - allows access to the Office 365 and additional features, while classic Microsoft Office allows you to download security updates, but will not allow you to renew your license to the latest versions.
The number
 of seats - a classic office package can only be purchased in one version of the selected position, and in the case of Office 365, this software can be loaded to the selected number depending on the purchase version. Technical support - the classic version of Office provides access to technical support only during installation. However, Office 365 provides access to technical support during the subscription period. Activation of Office 2019
Office 2019 is an advanced version
 of the bundle with a lifetime license that Office 365 users have known for a long time. In the latest version developed for the Microsoft Windows 10 platform, Microsoft has provided many useful tools to improve the tasks related to spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing. The most interesting features that distinguish the 2019 office from other old versions are:

The new topic of the black interface is the best solution for people working in the evening,
 service is the ability to read text written from programs like Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and more.
 - an association with a touch screen with the possibility of using a pen, trackpad or mouse. The activity of the handwriting allows you to adjust the virtual pen, signature, shapes, scandals and medical equations.
And others:
 SVG -file support, new access letters, latex equations, vision enlarged, PowerPoint, Microsoft translator, mournful list, additional educational tools, new text functions. The most common package today is the classic version of the ESD license. What does it mean? This is an electronic license, cheaper than a regular boxed license and sent to your email address immediately after purchase. Usually, upon order, an activation code is sent to your email along with a link to download the package from the manufacturer’s website. Now let’s start the activation process. Run the installation file received in the email, then click "I don't want to log in or create an account" after the "Log in to set up Office" wizard begins, or log in with an existing Microsoft account or create an account. to do. New account. Now all you have to do is enter the installation key you received with your purchase, and continue. The final stage of the installation is “Prepare the office package”, if the activation key is correctly inserted, you can easily start working with the 2019 office package. It is also worth noting that when purchasing an Office package, you get a 5-year chance to upgrade the Office security system in case of reinstallation, language version change, computer version change to 64-bit, and so on.

Office 2016 activation
Office 2016 is the latest version of the Microsoft series, built up to the latest version of Office 2019. This set is an update of the previous version of Office 2013.

What features have appeared in Office 2016 compared to previous versions? Improve working on multiple documents in real time.
Developing applications
 such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, Project, Access and Visio.
Useful "Tell
 me" service - very popular in Excel, tells you what function you need to use to achieve the desired effect.
 to activate Microsoft Office 2016? Nothing comes easy. After installing Office on your computer, simply launch the application of your choice, such as Word 2016. Immediately after launch, an activation wizard will appear with an activation button. Click the button and enter the activation code provided at the time of purchase. over!

Activation of Office 2013
Office is a version of the Office software released in late 2012. It is the successor to Microsoft Office 2010. What features does Office 2013 offer?

Updated graphical interface compared to its predecessor,
Advanced file management options,
Additional support when working with touch and portable devices,
Advanced use of the cloud for file transfer, automatic storage in OneDrive,
Thanks to integration with SkyDrive and SharePoint, you can store documents via the Internet.
Easy access to frequently used documents. How to implement Microsoft Office 2013? Turn on the product and start later:

Open any office program like Microsoft Word 2013,
Choose a file tab,
Select an account and turn on the product button,
In the activation guide, enter the processing code provided by buying the product, or if you want to sell the package by phone, select the option to enable the program by phone. After selecting a phone option, a drop-down menu will appear on the help screen, select the appropriate country and region, and call.
Automated voicemail will guide you directly through the activation process. Remember not to close the wizard, you need an activation code to activate as well as an installation ID.
Office 2010 activation
Office 2010 can still be used on older operating systems, e.g. Windows XP / Vista, Vista SP2, Windows 7, XP XP3. Functional as version 2010:

Windows 7 operating system (similar to the latest Microsoft Office 2019, projected with Windows 10) compared to its pioneers compared to its predecessor compared to their predecessor),
System -Navigation has been improved compared to their predecessors,
Featuring the Microsoft button with the scenes that have changed the popular round button,
Word and Excel editor has expanded compared to their advanced pioneers,
Ability to work in a 64 -bit version.
Did you get an old computer without a new office package? Office 2010 can be run on a computer with a minimum processor. 1 GHz, 512 MB of RAM, 3 GB of free disk space. How to activate Office 2010 online?

All you have to do is visit the file and then activate the help and product key. If you don’t see an activation button anywhere, that means this package is probably already activated. In the following steps, follow the instructions that appear in the activation guide. Microsoft Office 2010 can be activated by phone, how to do it?

In the activation wizard, select I want to activate the software on my phone. Then call the number assigned to your country / region. During the conversation, you must provide the installation ID (given in the manual) and other necessary information. After confirming the activation, you will receive a confirmation ID. Now all you have to do is confirm in the Activation Wizard by entering your Verification ID in the fields at the bottom of the screen. finished!

Activation of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019
Office 2019 Professional Plus is an advanced package that is an advanced license of the standard Office 2019 package. Professional Plus provides access to advanced features of programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft Access . This license is intended for home and business users, as well as for small, medium and large companies.

How to activate Office 2019 licenses in the Professional Plus version? As Office 2019 as explained before. If you purchased the ESD version of Office, simply run the installation file, run the link you will receive via email, then after the package is downloaded to the operating system, open the program of your choice and activate the input key. Also received by email. finished!

Activation of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010
Office Professional Plus 2010, like Office Professional Plus 2019, is an advanced license, this time from Office 2010. This license is still occasionally sold, but is usually used only by home users with inferior computers. For now, the most recommended option is to buy at least a version of Office 2016. However, if you already have Office Professional Plus 2010, nothing is more difficult than after installing and running the package, enter the activation key or activate it on your phone in just like you activates Office 2010. Office 2013 - telephone activation
Not everyone is going to buy office packages, and some prefer to use free software. Need to create related documents and are you interested in Office 2013? Telephone activation of this program is possible, but it is worth activating via the Internet. For Office 2013, phone activation is verbal, which may not be convenient for everyone. Of course, if in doubt, call the helpline to get the information you need, but most of your questions can be answered in our online application and program guide.

Windows XP Valid ID
After the system is activated, the Windows XP verification ID is returned to the device. This is a completely anonymous process, so we don’t need to provide any data, and most importantly, the Windows XP Validation ID allows us to assign a computer to a specific device, such as a desktop or laptop, as a setting for the ID date. This guarantees its legitimacy and authenticity. Today this solution is not very popular, as most users use Windows 10. We hope the above article has cleared up your doubts about how to activate Office. 
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