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All of the above advantages of the A1 package, in addition to the ability to install the office suite on up to five devices, whether it is a computer, Mac, tablet or mobile phone.
 are the benefits of Office 2019 A5 for students and teachers? A3, all the benefits listed in the A1 plan, except additional services and programs for Office 2019 A5 editions.
Trial version of Office
 2019 Business
Do you have company? Which versions of Microsoft 2019 Business do we highlight?

Microsoft 2019 Business Basic - option 4.20 euros / user / month + AVI. It is an ideal solution for organizations that need simple projects to run remotely in real time, enabling teamwork. Business Basic includes Microsoft Teams, secure cloud storage and Office Online. This collection includes mobile and online versions of applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. as well as Teams, Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive. What functions does the company have access to in this collection? Teamwork and communication, mobile office applications, email and calendar functions, file sharing and storage, observation and security, deployment and support, business architecture and management tools. Microsoft 2019 Business Standard  10.50 per month + AVI per user. This package is an ideal solution for companies where remote work is based on collaboration. This package includes services such as Microsoft Teams, secure cloud, secure / business email access and superior plans. Programs included in the package: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher (for computer), Access (for computer) and additional tools: Groups, Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint. What functions does the company have access to in this collection? For all Microsoft 2019 Business Basic and Classic Office editions for PC and Mac. Microsoft 2019 Business Premium costs € 16.90 per user per month. This solution is especially recommended for organizations that need to use safe tools for remote work. This package includes all the features of the standard business version with tools for protection from cyber attacks. As part of the packages, companies get access to Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher (for computer), Access (for computer) and services like Groups, Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Intune, Azure Information. security What functions does the company have access to in this collection? Microsoft 2019 standard business series and advanced threat protection for all, mobile and computer management. What kind of packages do we allocate for companies?

Microsoft 2019 E3 - a wide range of office applications with basic security tools. This package costs € 31.50 per month of use. Applications in the collection: PowerPoint, Word, Excel, OneNote, Publisher (computer option) and Access (computer option), as well as access to tools such as Outlook, Exchange, Bookings, Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, OneDrive, Stream, Sway, Lists, Forms and task management programs: Planner, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, So, MyAnalytics, Power BI Pro,
Microsoft 2019 E5 - Office apps, advanced security, observation, advanced security tools, business intelligence and voice. The price of the package is € 53.70 + AVI per user / month. This package includes all Microsoft 2019 E3 packages, as well as advanced and additional tools.
Microsoft 2019 F3 is the basic package for businesses. Includes access to all Microsoft 2019 E3 applications, as well as access to limited tools in the 2019 E3 suite. The package costs 6.70 EUR + AVI per user with a monthly subscription. Trial version of the Office 2019 add-on
Trial renewals
 of Microsoft Office 2019 are usually automatic, like most subscription programs. In any of the packages, the first month is completely free, but after the end of this period, the card is automatically charged, with the option to choose an annual fee for the following month. What version of Office 2019?
Not sure
 which version of Office to choose? If you are not sure which version of Office 2019 is best for your company, educational institution or private user, check out the detailed list of packages available on the official website —2019. If you still don’t know which version of Microsoft 2019 is best for you, please contact our TeamNet Software representatives. We are authorized representatives of Microsoft services. We can help you choose the best package for your company, educational institution or individual user.

Office 2019 desktop version
Office 2019 works on computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Most applications are available on any device, including smartphones. Depending on the package, some applications are only available for the selected device type. There are also only desktop programs like Publisher and Access.

Microsoft Office 2019 and its innovations are a real surprise for those who use the classic offline version of Office 2019. So why pay a monthly fee for the use of a service that can be purchased as a one-time asset with constant use? Of course, both versions of the office suite have their advantages, which you can use at any time without having to log in and go online by paying for the boxed version of the classic series. However, the subscription version of Office 2019 means constant access to the latest updates, changes, and features. In addition, Office 2019 means countless add-ons and the ability to use selected tools in real time as a computer. What else does Office 2019 offer and which version of this online package do we highlight? In the next article, you’ll learn which Office 2019 trial we highlight, what the student version is, what the academic version is, what the business trial version and the full version are, and which Office 2019 version is the best. . About the selection and features of the desktop version of Office 2019.

Office 2019 trial version
What about Microsoft 2019 trials? Office 2019 gives you access to the entire collection of online resources for a monthly subscription, after which you have to pay a monthly or annual fee, depending on your personal preferences.

What features do selected Microsoft 2019 packages offer? Let us consider them in more detail.

Office 2019 Student Edition
Now let’s
 start with personal versions of Microsoft 2019. What do you get from Microsoft 2019 in a private version?

The ability to save more than 500,000 photos of 2 MB and serve in tuberculosis, which is capable of up to 1 tb.
The ability to create interactive documents with the desire to manage intellectual operations in programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.
Using calendar letters and prospects in a non -treatment version,
Access to Print: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Note, Outlook, Skype,
 to use Microsoft 2019 on the phone, tablet, laptop, computer,
 to use Office 2019 in Windows, Megos, iOS, Android. The Microsoft 2019 package is divided into 2 packages according to personal preferences:

Microsoft 2019 Family is a solution for 6 people, 6 TB of space, t.e. 1 TB per person, Microsoft 2019 Premium security in the mobile version of the program. The price of this package is PLN 42.99 per month or PLN 429.99 per year. Microsoft 2019 Personal is a single-user solution with a 1 TB disk space option. You can buy this package for PLN 29.99 per month and PLN 299.99 per year. Educational version of Office 2019
What about student and academic versions?

What are
 the different versions of Microsoft Office 2019 for students and teachers? The free version of Office 2019 A1 - includes such popular office programs as Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, which help teachers and students collaborate seamlessly in hybrid mode. What additional services are included in the Office 2019 A1 package? Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Sway, Forms, Stream, Power Automate, Power Apps, School Data Sync, Yammer and more.
 2019 A3 with a monthly subscription of € 2.45 per user (€ 3.20 for teachers). This is a set that includes all A1 tools with full access to classic Office applications with added security and administrative features. 2019 Office applications in A3 Office: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher (computer access only), Access (computer access only) and additional services: Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Sway, Forms, Stream , Power Automate, Power Apps, School Data Sync, Bookings, Yammer. Office 2019 A5 costs in € per user per month (. A package that offers all the features listed in the A3 plan, in addition to intelligent management of advanced features, executive features, security options, and Microsoft analytics. Programs in the office suite: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher (computer only), Access (computer only). In addition, services such as: Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Sway, Forms, Stream, Power Automate, Power Apps, School Data Sync, Bookings, Power BI, Yammer. What are the benefits of Office 2019 A1 for students and teachers?

In real -time parallel
 documents on uprising, automatic word storage, PowerPoint, Internet Excel files,
Complete 50GB
 Outlook Post Box Control,
Microsoft Commands - Digital Communication Center that allows you to call, talk about best collaboration far away,
Ability to use access functions and learning tools to help read, communicate, mathematics and writing
The best
 information system with one digital laptop,
 to carry out tests by using forms,
 to tell a story using Sway,
Personal cloud storage with unlimited access. What are the benefits of Office 2019 A3 for students and teachers?
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