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Office 2019 is one of the most popular versions of the Microsoft office suite. This collection of very useful programs is intended for individual customers for home use and companies and organizations for commercial use. However, a modern and updated interface and improved performance are not the only advantages that distinguish Office 2019.

 devices is Office 2019 suitable for? The productivity of Microsoft Office suites is designed to enhance and complement our work. With the available options, they expand the range of operations we can perform on devices that support applications. Thanks to them, both study and work become much easier and interesting. Depending on the specific needs and requirements of users, Microsoft has created several versions of Office 2019 software compatible with the device and workplace. Considering the hardware requirements, this program works perfectly on computers, laptops and Macs. What distinguishes Office 2019 from its predecessors is that it can only run on Windows 10 and Windows 11 and macOS, but it is not available for owners of devices with older versions of Windows. Office 2019 - what’s new?
The developer has equipped Office 2019 with many new and improved features. The changes can be seen in the improved interface, which makes it much easier to find the most used applications and also improves switching between them. With its cloud-based security service, this app provides a high level of security and protects your device against malware, cybercriminals and hacker attacks. The ability to control touch on supported Windows devices and mobile apps for iOS is a big plus, thanks to which you can easily work with documents, spreadsheets or presentations on tablets and smartphones. What other developments can we expect? - Get a black item in Windows programs - definitely this option thanks people who want to work after dark

Change the text to dialog
 in programs such as words, landscapes and PowerPoint

Run a skateboard screen with a digital pen

a firm parameter at any point of the word, Excel and PowerPoint - This feature is given by a mouse, trackpad or style. Allows you to introduce changes such as writing, form, scandal, discharge or mathematical formulas


- Support SVG files, signs and 3D objects in PowerPoint

Easy control of latex equations, which allows you to create mathematical equations in a word. Office 2019 versions available
There is much more to Office 2019. Depending on the package we choose, we can use different features that enhance our daily work or study. Each type is distinguished by efficient performance and ease of use on Windows and MacOS devices. The main programs included in the packages are: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Outlook. Depending on the location used by the program we can recognize:

- Office 2019 Home / Student - Suitable for package, basic measures, tasks and training for home use

- Office 2019 Home / Business - Suitable for Home Use where the whole family can use it, but works well for small companies

- Office 2019 Professional and Office 2019 Professional Plus - These types are enriched with special functions for commercial use.

Versions in the
 2019 office, thanks to their modern and global activities, the most important documents, unique multimedia presentations and different types of graphics, tables and lists to create and edit the most important tasks and effective management. They will help you organize your most important documents and get quick and easy access to them.
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