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According to information provided by Microsoft, the latest Microsoft office key 2021 office key suite in Poland is scheduled to be released in 2021 for Windows and Mac users. The updated Microsoft office key 2021 includes an offline version of the business segment LTSC (long-term service channel) and a modern cloud solution. office key 365 users may have already noticed some of the news presented in office key 2021.

What innovations will
 you see in the latest office key 2021 collection, what is the release date of Polish office key 2021, what changes does Microsoft office key 2021 offer, what changes does office key 365 offer, you can see in the post below. What are the changes in the popular versions of office key Home and Student?

office key 2021
First, let’s
 look at the changes in the LTSC version. What is LTSC? It is a solution for businesses that need solutions available on-premises rather than through the cloud. In Poland, the Internet is not always great, so Microsoft decided to think about users who want to access the latest Microsoft solutions without an internet connection.

Another featured solution is the dark mode of the Microsoft office key 2021 interface, the dynamic array model, the XLOOKUP functions available in Microsoft Excel. In addition, Microsoft office key introduces several improvements to Internet access, integrated solutions. Microsoft 2021 also offered up to a seven-year warranty, compared to previous versions that had only a five-year warranty. It’s also important to know that Microsoft doesn’t want to increase the price of the latest versions of their product.

 the global market, the LTSC version was shown in April, and a full demo was done a few minutes later. Undoubtedly, one of the equally important events of 2021 will be the final debut of Windows 11, which will focus mainly on the features of Windows 10, improving the changes according to the needs of users. As for the office key suite, Microsoft mainly focuses on improving programs like Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook and PowerPoint. Microsoft, one of the leading companies in the computer software market, communicates directly with its users and makes changes based on their feedback. Microsoft used the Fluent Design solution to make the changes. What is a fluid design system?

Microsoft Fluent Design System or Microsoft Design Language ("Metro") is a programming language developed by Microsoft in 2017. This system is a set of communication and design guidelines used by all Windows 10 and related applications. Meter is based on such elements as depth, material, light, scale. Fluent Design first saw the light in Windows 10 and Xbox One updates.

In the first phase, the changes became available to office key Insiders. In addition, Microsoft has enabled all users to see the changes made in the latest version of office key 2021 with the help of an additional dashboard, using a fully developed approach to user interaction. Microsoft has also thought about the possibility of disabling the latter aspect. Interface 2021 if anyone doesn't want to do it now. Take advantage of the improvements made.

What are the changes in the latest version of Microsoft office key 2021? First, users can rely on the smooth operation of the application and the cooperation of applications with each other, in addition, is introduced a neutral color palette, newly developed methods, user-defined stripes, rounded corners of the application. A dark mode has also been introduced, which affects the comfort of sitting at the computer - it makes a sheet of paper black and even makes the inscriptions white. What additional features can we see in the latest office key 2021?

Word 2021 has a built-in
 comment system, a similar feature that users associate with interactive Google Docs. Last year, office key 365 users were able to experience this feature, which is a complete innovation for classic office key customers. What does this function look like? You can add a comment to any document in the selected location, suggest appropriate changes, using a first name, last name or email address with the option to add an additional name of the person to whom the comments are sent.
A combination of
 Teams Planner and Pro-Make as an option. Previously, Planner was an external program and To-Do was a built-in mobile program. The integration of To Do and Planner into Teams is expected to greatly facilitate the work of users. The popularity of groups significantly encourages users to meet the needs of users and modern features - tasks and planning. The connection process took place in three stages: the first step is Planner in the desktop version

And Tasks in the mobile version, the second is a combination of scheduler and tasks to do on desktop and mobile tasks, the third level is a combination of tasks and scheduler called desktop tasks and mobile tasks.
The new
 version of the dark mode in Microsoft Word is an additional feature that will be especially pleasing to users who have been working in Microsoft Word for a long time. Previously, office key Insiders was able to test the beta in dark mode. Monitor users with OLED screens will especially benefit from this new feature. In office key 2021, this feature can be found in the View tab.
X.Search function
 in Microsoft Excel 2021 - office key 365 users test this feature for a year. as with X. SEARCH is an advanced ability to search for compatibility in an array or range, thus returning a specific element of a second array or range. If you use Microsoft Excel, you probably know HIZONTAL / VLOOKUP and MATCH and INDEX combinations. Innovation X. The search for the transformation of these functions is their progress.
Updated office key
 2021 interface - The changes to the office key 2021 and office key 365 interface may not be as dramatic as in office key 2019, but as Microsoft office key notes, the user interface will be improved and some features will be more accessible. targeted users This update will include a number of performance improvements such as links, new keyboard shortcuts, and better tool integration.
 other features has Microsoft office key introduced in the new version of 2021? Line focus is a system designed to reduce distractions when writing. This allows you to focus on the best line every time. XLOOKUP in Excel - as we mentioned earlier - the ability to easily search in Excel documents.
 to record slides with PowerPoint presentations
And more:
 dynamic tabs, general improvements for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. office key 2021 release date
In April 2021, Microsoft announced that Mac users could download a trial version of office key 2021 from its servers and a long-term operating channel called office key LTSC.

Microsoft office key 2021 for Windows will also be available later in preview, but there is an opportunity later this year. The final version of office key 2021 for Windows and office key 2021 for Mac will be released in late 2021.

Microsoft office key 2021 release date
office key 2021 Mac users can work on computers that meet the following hardware requirements:

Apple and Intel processor with at least 4 GB of RAM,
At least
 10 GB of free disk space. As part of the office key 2021 solution, Microsoft allows you to release monthly updates that include new features and fixes. As Microsoft has announced, individual solutions will be available in future service packages. office key 2021 for home and school
The good
 news for office key 2021 users is that the price of office key 2021 is no different from Microsoft office key 2019. Currently, office key Home & Student for Mac is priced at around $ 149.99, and office key Home & Business 2019 is around $ 249.99 US. Eternal License for office key 2021 allows you to purchase a permanent subscription with an additional seven years of Microsoft support.

 LTSC license must be purchased for each individual device, but there is no need to renew the license after purchase. After the premiere, there were reports in the market that Microsoft will raise the price of office key Professional Plus, office key Standard and related programs by about ten percent, but this has not been confirmed. Microsoft has also announced that another subscription-free version of the program will be released after the launch of office key LDSC. office key 2021 against office key 365
What is the difference between Microsoft office key 2021 and Microsoft 365?

One of the most important and important differences is the method of payment for parcels. While office key 2021 can be purchased once and kept indefinitely, Microsoft 365 editions require a recurring subscription fee of approximately $ 69.99 per year.

 latest versions of Microsoft 365 include access to programs like Skype, 1TB of additional OneDrive storage, and access to the online version of Microsoft Teams subscriptions. Microsoft 365 is a regular update that Microsoft announces at least once a month. For the office key 2021 desktop suite, updates will be provided after release, although they will only be security fixes. The ability to use the office key 365 package is a convenient subscription format, however, as Microsoft promised, programs like LTSC and office key 2021 Classic are still sold for the convenience of recipients, which some companies cannot or should not do. faru. It should not be powered by internet connection for security reasons, it works better offline.

office key 2021 will be launched for corporate and private clients. Of course, this package will include all the new features we can see in the office key 365 version, but this product will certainly not be updated as quickly as office key 365.

Classic desktop
 products like office key LTSC and office key 2021 are certainly good choices for business users and home users in many situations, but most customers opt for Microsoft office key 365. According to Microsoft, if your organization has not yet moved to the cloud, Microsoft and the Get support team can significantly prepare your organization for the new state of cloud services.
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