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Many people usually use a computer at home or in the company of friends. It’s a good idea to keep more personal files in your key cheap on your desktop. If too many people share the same desktop, it will become confusing and difficult to find files. A good way to save yourself from such a situation is to create separate Windows 10 key cheaps for each user, including, of course, the appointment of the main key cheap - the administrator, that is, the person who manages the settings on the computer. Content:

Windows 10 key cheaps
How to add user of Windows 10
How to add Windows Administrative key cheap 10
 Windows 10 to gradually
How to create a new Windows 10 key cheap
In the next article you will learn how to add Windows 10 key cheap, which means how to create a new Windows 10 key cheap, which is and how to add Windows 10 manager key cheap.

Windows 10 key cheaps

 a separate key cheap for each housewife is the best solution that allows everyone to have their own desktop computers, folders, documents, photos, videos. This solution effectively protects our personal files, applications and browsing history and many other valuable data. Subkey cheaps allow you to limit individual rights, for example, children cannot browse selected websites or install applications. A unique personal key cheap not only allows us to effectively protect our privacy and confidential information, but is also a great help when many people share the same computer or laptop.

If the selected key cheap is password protected, only we and of course the administrator have access. What user key cheaps do we recognize in Windows 10?

 adding an key cheap, we have two options: add a family member or add another person, which means creating a new key cheap for a family member or someone else. How exactly are these key cheaps different? As an administrator, we have a wide range of functions that can be used in terms of control and security for a family member's key cheap, which is very useful in the context of such key cheaps with younger family members - children. Then the father fulfills the role of protection. With a managed key cheap, you can grant or block access to selected websites, set a deadline to be online, or play a certain game.

By creating an key cheap
 for a family member, we have the option to choose whether to create an key cheap for an adult or for a child. By creating a new key cheap, you can use an existing Microsoft key cheap or create a new key cheap. Family key cheap settings can be easily managed through the browser, making it easy to set parental controls and time limits, access selected pages, or preview what your child is currently viewing. A non-family key cheap type of key cheap that we cannot control in terms of providing access to selected websites and applications. Of course, as an administrator, we have standard options for sharing or blocking access to individual computer systems. Such an key cheap can be created locally and password protected, or left with only an assigned username, assigned to a specific Microsoft key cheap, or a new key cheap created. After adding such an key cheap, we can, of course, assign it a role - standard user or administrator. How to add a Windows 10 user
If you want to add a new user to the Windows 10 platform, first log in to your key cheap, go to the Start menu, select the toolkit, that is, Settings (formerly key cheap Control Panel) and go. key cheaps icon. A menu will appear on the left with selected key cheap settings that are already on your computer or laptop. Here you will find things like "Your information", "Email and key cheaps", "Login options", "Work or school", "Family and other users" and "Sync settings". Select the "Family and other users" option. Before our eyes is a panel to add new key cheaps "Add a family member", which Microsoft describes as "Adding members of your family", to get all the details of your login and desktop. Choosing the right websites, time limits, apps and games can help keep kids safe. This is the type of key cheap that provides full parental control.

There is also an option to create an key cheap for "other users", which means "allow non-family members to log into your key cheap". This decision does not include them in the family. What

As mentioned above, the choice of a family member is designed for loved ones and children, and there are specific functions that allow parental control - access to the content our children can see through our permission.

Create family members, as we have already mentioned, "start", then "settings" (former administrative key cheaps), "key cheaps" and "family and other users", then "add family members", that is, that is, add the user. In the next step "Add a child or adult?" a screen will appear. At this point, you can select the person you want to add. If someone is using Windows, Office, OneDrive, Skype, Xbox or Outlook, which means they already have a Microsoft key cheap, you can enter their current email address or create a new key cheap.

Once you’ve selected your key cheap type, click Next, and if you’ve selected a child key cheap, go to key cheap Settings, Manage, and Security Settings. You can find them directly: key cheap.microsoft.com/family

If you want to choose more, you need to choose the right experience when creating a new key cheap for a family member and you need to assign a current email address or create a new item. To complete the process of creating a new key cheap, click on the "Confirm" button, which begins the process of sending a call to a given family after a call to confirm, use the ready key cheap. In the "family and other users" window you can create a new key cheap for a person outside the family, and then you need to "add someone else to this computer" (add user) and enter or not, you must have the option to select Microsoft in This case, entering an email address is not a task, but this, for example, greatly expands the use of an key cheap. Subscription, Email Address, Skype key cheap, Xbox key cheap, once, office services and more. How to add a Windows 10 administrator key cheap
If you want a certain user manager feature, the ability to install unlimited apps, assign new users etc., you need to go to the Start menu, then Settings, key cheaps, Family and more. ". users". Then all the created profiles will appear, you have to move the mouse over the profile and click on it, this will activate the appearance of two functions “Change key cheap type” and “Delete”. In this scenario, of course, we choose Change key cheap Type, you can choose from the drop down menu the key cheap type of Administrator and PC User. Depending on the key cheap type you choose, certain key cheaps, such as Add Family Member, may be locked for a selected period of time to prevent the person from logging into the computer until the administrator reopens the permissions. As for the “other” key cheap, there is an option to delete the user instead of blocking. Add a Windows 10 key cheap step by step
Now that you know how to add a Windows 10 key cheap, how Windows 10 adds an key cheap, and what types of key cheaps are involved in the process of creating a new Windows 10 key cheap, it is necessary to briefly mention how to delete a Windows 10 key cheap. You can find detailed information on this topic in our second article, “How to delete an key cheap from Microsoft Windows 10” (link). To remove the Microsoft key cheap on Windows 10, go to the start menu and then add the providence, settings and key cheap, family and other people, instead of adding the process. Then click on and delete the desired key cheap. As for a family member, we can also prevent the key cheap for a certain period of time, and in its reconstruction, if parent control is a feature. In the case of other people, in addition to family members, click on the selected key cheap name, select "Delete", and after confirming the key cheap disappears from the key cheaps in the "family and individual" and individual. It can no longer log in to their key cheap and will not appear during login.

How to create a new Windows 10 key cheap
If our computer or laptop is used by many people or family members, the new Windows 10 key cheap is very useful. In the case of newly created key cheaps, especially in the case of children's key cheaps, parents allow parents to control parental control without the need to install additional programs and require Microsoft key cheap and access the Microsoft website that you can conveniently manage access time permissions.

Separation of users from a computer or laptop made it free to access files in your personal table and allow you to save your order and adjust the appropriate permissions. We hope we’ve fully covered the topic on how to add a Windows 10 key cheap. If you have any questions, please leave a comment on the article and purchase from our online store.
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