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Most computers come with Windows 10 Home, and devices with Windows 10 Home are sold with this version. Home Edition is the standard version designed for home users and small businesses. You can upgrade Home to Windows 10 Professional, what does this update give you? Upgrading Windows 10 Home to Windows 10Pro offers other special features such as additional BitLocker disk encryption, integrated Hyper-V virtualization, a built-in remote desktop server and domain registration options, etc., which you’ll learn in the article below. . What is the price of Windows 10 Pro? Is Windows 10 Pro available for 32-bit or only up to 64-bit? What’s special about Windows 10 Pro Education? How much does it cost to buy ESD, BOX, Windows 10 Pro for workstations? Price of Windows Pro
Windows 10 Pro is the edition intended for professionals and mainly intended for commercial professional applications. This allows you to effectively manage access data on the company’s network. It allows the use of several selected programs on the same page legally and securely, as well as remote connection to computers and collected data. With Windows 10 Professional, it’s much easier to manage your business, whether you’re on-site or remote. Windows 10 Pro is especially useful for entrepreneurs who manage a hybrid business model and collaborate with their employees remotely. Some features include logging and encryption machines, increasing the security of confidential company information.

Windows 10 Pro is the version for demanding users, especially business customers. Additional robust security features such as advanced disk encryption, the ability to assign access and privileges, remote login to virtual machines, and the ability to join a domain.

What else is Windows 10 Pro classified as? The set is built in the basic version.
The Start menu has been completely updated. Easy multitasking with increased productivity.
 to connect to a virtual desktop. Continuum, Windows Hello, Windows Ink, Timeline, Next Sharing.
Microsoft has launched the program Keep Working
 on Your PC updated with Windows Update. Advanced BitLocker encryption, remote login capability, domain registration, advanced access assignment capability, virtual machines managed by the operating system.
Do you currently
 have a Windows 10 Home and want to upgrade to Pro? Just buy the new Windows 10 Pro from your favorite online store and if you already have the activation code, it’s time to upgrade your computer. You do not need to format your current operating system as you did with previous versions of Windows. You just need to go to the menu start or start, and then select the settings, updates from the next step and security in this process. If you want to go to a new operating system, but if you haven't purchased for -version, keep the entire activation panel, Windows 10 Pro -option will appear on the update page and you can buy a new Windows 10 Pro directly. Just log in to your Microsoft account and enter your payment information. However, if you have already purchased a Windows 10 Pro key, you only need to select “I have a Windows 10 Pro key”. Upgrading to Windows 10 Pro is a great choice for business customers who need extensive features like Hyper-V virtualization, remote desktop, remote access and more. So, if you don’t need the ability to join a domain and encrypt your drives with BitLocker, Windows 10 Home is for you. Before you go to prices, you can check if there is a hardware to install Windows 10 in a professional version. Even if you want to install this version on your computer or laptop your device must meet the following minimum needs:

1 Giharts processor
 with minimal frequency,
Minimum Disk Space: 20 GB (64 -BIT
 version) or 16GB for 32 -BIT version
 of RAM (compared to 64 -bit version) or 1 GB in each 32 -bit,
 card that supports DRECTX 9. Also, to use the Microsoft version of Windows 10, you need a screen that supports the chosen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, which is not too much of a requirement because most screens / laptops already have this resolution.

Considering that the
 hardware requirements are pretty standard, they should easily install Windows 10 through most devices out there right now. Of course, the more powerful the hardware, the more efficient Windows 10 will be, especially with the Windows 10 Professional operating system.

Price of Windows
 10 Pro Box
Windows 10 Pro, like Windows 10 Home, is available for purchase in three selected editions:
BOX is a boxed version that is a more traditional version of the Windows 10 operating system. You can purchase this version at a regular store and online store. However, when you purchase the version online, you cannot receive it immediately after purchase, usually you have to wait 2-3 days for delivery depending on the contract with the courier. In the box you will get an installation guide, a disk-shaped installation environment and an activation key. This is the most stable and most expensive version of Windows. You can transfer or sell it between devices after deactivation.
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer is definitely a cheaper version than the traditional out-of-the-box option. This license costs twice as much without losing the cost and quality of the operating system. By purchasing a license in OEM mode, you get an activation code without an installation file, without an installation disk, and in case of failure, you can easily restore the system to factory settings. An OEM license is a license that you normally receive with the device you purchase. This license can only be resold on the selected device on which the system is installed. You cannot transfer it between devices, but you can reinstall this license on the same device, e.g. In the case of replacement of the main board or computer disk.
 - This is the aforementioned version of the purchased electronic computer. ESD or Electronic Software Distribution can be purchased from most Microsoft partner online stores. After purchase, you will usually receive a link to the installation file and an activation key via email. This is one of the fastest ways to buy an operating system. The ESD versions can be purchased at a much lower price than the classic standard BOX version, and the operating system performance is equal to the BOX. It is one of the most common computer publications available for purchase electronically. ESD or Electronic Software Distribution can be purchased from most Microsoft partner online stores. Windows ESD is a basic operating system with unlimited features. This type of purchase means that in a few minutes you will receive the operating system via email and you can immediately start updating your computer or installing a new one. The ESD version can be resold after being previously removed. ESD works like a standard version of BOX, which is not device-specific, but is more convenient and cheaper. The price of Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
You can purchase a
 license for Windows 10 Pro in 64-bit and 32-bit versions. The 32-bit version of Windows 10 Pro is especially recommended for private users, small business owners, for basic work. The system in this version allows up to 4 GB of RAM.

 10 Professional 64-bit works well for applications, applications, photo processing, video and advanced graphics. This version is the most recommended version for companies due to its efficiency and multilevel operation. This system is also great for entertainment and gaming. The cost of learning Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Education is a version of the operating system designed for educational institutions, educational institutions. This method can be used by teachers, students, students and educational institutions. One of the most important features of this system is the ease of operation and optimization of the system. Education combines the functionality of the Pro version with the Enterprise version, which can have the effect of an operating system that meets the increased requirements of data protection education institutions and the ability to manage more devices. What are the main learning features of Windows 10?

Additional educational programs that enhance learning. Improved virtual desktop performance, multitasking.
Improved performance, modern start
Improved integration with Office Mobile and Microsoft Office tools,
 or mobile phone management - mobile phone management,
Microsoft Edge is an advanced alternative to Microsoft Explorer,
Azure Active Directory - Identity Management for Schools Price of Windows 10 Pro ESD
This is the aforementioned computer version available for purchase electronically. ESD or Electronic Software Distribution can be purchased from Microsoft partners at most online stores. After purchase, you will usually receive a link to the installation file and an activation key via email. This is one of the fastest ways to buy an operating system. The ESD versions can be purchased at a much lower price than the standard classic BOX version, and the operating system performance is the same as the BOX version. Today, one of the best-selling versions of Microsoft's operating system is Windows 10. The price of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Professional in Pro is the cheapest version you can buy from ESD, the digital version discussed earlier. This option is usually available for 1 seat for a permanent license period. In our Teamnet software, you can purchase Windows 10 Pro ESD for a minimum of PLN 189, up to 15 minutes of technical support via email during the installation process.

Pricing for Windows
 10 Pro for workstations
Windows 10 Pro for Workstations is the most advanced version of Windows 10 Pro. This system is designed for performance-conscious users. By downloading Windows 10 Pro Workstation Edition, you increase workstation support to 6 TB of RAM and 4 processors at a time.
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