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Operating system is the most important software of laptops and computers. Microsoft offers several versions of Windows, a great application for users' personal and corporate devices. Computers that are part of the workplace should be enriched with what software?

 operating system
The undisputed leader of the technology industry is Microsoft. Based in the United States, this company is doing well in the market and provides reliable computer software to its customers. The company carefully develops each version of the operating system and enriches the program with more modern and larger features. Therefore, it is not surprising that this technology giant lags far behind its competitors.

Microsoft's main
 product is the Windows operating system. This type of software is necessary because it is responsible for controlling the device, performing tasks, installing or uninstalling programs on the hardware. Microsoft Windows comes in different versions, each with slightly different features. From time to time, new versions of software appear on the market, prompting users to upgrade their version. Of course, this is not a necessary step, as many people do not want to leave the software they have had so far, mainly due to getting used to the functionality of the given version. Microsoft Windows for corporate computers
A special kind of Microsoft Windows operating system is software for corporate computers. For commercial use, the company must specify a specific version of the system. In order to adapt the proposed software as much as possible to the needs and preferences of a specific environment, Microsoft offers its customers an operating system for home, corporate or educational use. That’s why it’s important to choose the right solution for your specific needs. The latest proposal from the US technology company is the Windows 11 software. The first operating system will be created in late 2021. The basic premise of the software is to provide a personalized experience for the user. If a company is looking for a centralized solution with the most advanced features available in the market, it should definitely choose the Windows 11 version. Bet on legitimate software for your company
If a contractor wants to buy an operating system, he must contact a controlled vendor. A controlled online store has a license to legally sell license keys. This is very important because we can find illegal sources of these kinds of products online, so buying is strictly prohibited. A lifetime license gives the user the right to unlimited use of all available features of this version of the operating system. License keys are now sold digitally. This solution is very convenient because the process to get the selected operating system takes only a few minutes. The client receives an activation key via email, and then has to enter it in a specially defined location. In addition, the digital form does not require physical media, which was required when purchasing the BOX version. The digital alternative is therefore safer for the environment, as there is no need to create unnecessary products - e.g. Plastic boxes, CDs or flash drives.

Operating systems for companies - types
 versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system are now available in the computer market. A business customer can decide:

Microsoft Windows 11 Pro,
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro,
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro,
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional.
 using Windows Professional operating systems have complete data protection, remote desktop services, and virtual machine creation with Hyper v. The BitLocker option provides maximum traffic protection, protection against unauthorized people and offline attacks.

Windows 10 Pro vs Windows 8.1 Professional
Many companies still use Windows 10. Although a newer version of the software is available, a slightly older operating system is suitable for employee functions. The Pro version is characterized by a slightly higher level of protection than the Home version. Employees appreciate the ability to work in the cloud, communicate with it, remote desktop and have more freedom to patch updates. Windows 10 Pro is ideal for businesses looking for software with a wide range of features and full resource protection. A permanent license ensures the security of data stored on the hard drive. Of course, this operating system provides access to many features based on older versions of computer software.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro is an
 older version of this operating system that is still popular. This software allows the user to perform operations on various levels. In the proposed version, it is possible to display different pages and programs at the same time. This kind of option encourages multitasking, which greatly increases employee efficiency and productivity. Computer management is very intuitive and enjoyable, so it’s no surprise that many employers still choose Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro.

The undisputed leader among office equipment manufacturers is the US technology company Microsoft. The Microsoft Office suite is enriched with universal programs suitable for home and business. In which office software should a client invest?

Modern technologies - more opportunities
The development of technology opens up limitless
 possibilities for us. New devices with modern features are appearing on the market. The user of the equipment can perform these functions more efficiently and effectively. A good example is the all-in-one computer, an ordinary device now found in every home and business, regardless of industry. Its efficient operation is possible only if the appropriate software is installed on the computer. Of course, the operating system is the foundation that allows you to perform tasks on the hardware. As a leader in the computer market, Microsoft offers users around the world several versions of software. Depending on the type, Microsoft Windows is enriched with certain features. Of course, the newer the computer version, the more modern options are available. However, there are those that support slightly older programs. Many users appreciate Windows operating systems that appeared a little earlier and don’t want to choose a new system. Outdated software can easily be used in computers and laptops regardless of whether newer versions are available in the market.

Microsoft office series for home
Another software offering from Microsoft is the office suite. A very popular collection of tools designed for home and commercial use. The program can be purchased only from a legal source, as unauthorized distribution of activation keys has serious legal consequences. Therefore, the user should contact a controlled vendor who has licenses for the software.

There are many versions of Microsoft Office available in the market. Depending on the needs and desires, the customer may decide to purchase a certain type. It is worth knowing the main features provided by this package. An individual client needs access to Microsoft Office for home. It includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Outlook. For home use, these programs suffice. Universal programs can be easily installed on a computer or laptop with the Windows or MacOS operating system. Administrative programs for each family member
The versatility of the Microsoft Office package means that it can be used successfully to create documents, presentations or summaries, as well as for everyday family matters - for example. Planning a dinner or rendezvous. In principle, there are no restrictions on the use of the tool. Each family member can use the program for their individual needs. Students and students participating in the selected program can create assignments that are assigned by the faculty or the university. A special program is needed to prepare text files during the final work.

The advantage of the Microsoft Office package is that it is compatible not only with certain operating systems, but also with certain devices. Regardless of the model of the computer or laptop, the programs will work flawlessly.

Various programs
 in the Microsoft Office collection
A home user has several tools at his disposal, each of which is designed for a particular program:

Microsoft Word is a program for creating text files with an infinite number of pages. The content can be freely formatted according to the available font or size. In addition, you can insert images, tables or diagrams into the text. The word is the main tool because the creation of a set is inevitable in many cases, e.g. The documents required for presentation to the public company of the above educational process were selected on the basis of the educational process with the production of final articles on the subject. Microsoft Excel is another program that is a spreadsheet. Aggregation of data makes it easy to compare data elements, for example, making it easier to see expenses for a specific month. You can also insert graphics into the tool, thanks to which the data can be compared more visually.
Microsoft PowerPoint is a program for creating multimedia presentations. The templates in this tool allow you to create attractive and aesthetically pleasing presentations, for example. For school or university classes.
Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking program that simplifies everyday organizational tasks. Making a shopping list much easier to buy because we always have all the products with us and don’t forget the most important things.
 Outlook is a tool that combines email and calendar in one place. A user can manage their contacts by following meetings and important events.
 programs listed above from the Microsoft Office series are sufficient for an individual customer. If the tool is to be installed on corporate hardware, contractors must choose the management version for commercial use.
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