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Computers or laptops are often used by students and teachers. The use of equipment for educational purposes is very easy to accomplish many activities while increasing the effectiveness of learning. An operating system must be installed for the normal operation of a computer or laptop. Microsoft Windows is common software for any environment, including education. Enriched with several application options, this system is ideal for classrooms, students, equipment during distance learning or mastering a specific topic.

 latest version of the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system is available in our e4codes store. Enriched with special solutions, this software certainly differs from previous versions. A good example of a cloud service is Microsoft Teams, which allows you to quickly communicate with many people at once, no matter where you are. The affordable price of the Windows 11 operating system allows you to buy software for personal and educational purposes. The updated user interface design is very simple and intuitive. Despite the many changes, systematic recovery is not difficult and does not make the job difficult. Existing programs (mold player, groups, photos, color, calculator, mail, calendar) were equipped with many new features, thanks to which the comfort and convenience of using the computer was significantly increased. The option to divide the screen into zones has become much easier, in addition, the tablet mode has undergone several significant changes.

Windows for students
Another offer is for Windows 10 computer software. Of course, our store’s offer is based on older versions of the operating system, each of which has a legal license. So we have all versions of Microsoft including Windows 10. Reliable software installed on the student’s computer makes it easy to use the available computer skills. Enriched with a virtual desktop, built-in interface, applications and extraordinary speed, this software significantly increases the efficiency of the operations performed. Compared to previous versions of Windows 10:

Thanks to touch technology that allows
 you to move your finger or zoom in on screen elements.
 the key panel and Start menu,
 tablet owners, it’s easy to switch between desktop options.
 use a computer, laptop, or tablet for educational purposes, you must enrich your device with Microsoft Office. This package contains the necessary tools to create documents, notes, plans, action plans or contracts.

What office programs does Microsoft Office offer? Microsoft Word - Text editor,
Microsoft Excel - Sprepdogs,
Microsoft Access - Create a database,
Microsoft Power Point - Create a multimedia presentation,
Microsoft Visio - Creator and Management,
Microsoft Project - Project Administrative Software,
Microsoft One - Create and check notes,
Microsoft Outlook - E -email service,
Graphic programs,
 an academic point of view, the most important tool, of course, Microsoft Word - can create documents, final files or diploma work.

What is a box license?
We can buy antivirus software or an operating system for a computer or laptop in several ways - one of them is a BOX license. The BOX version is based on the box format to purchase a specific computer. Thus, the customer receives a box with a physical environment - CD / DVD or USB. The handy solution is that right after installation, it adds your computer to a given Microsoft account, making the whole process very simple. An additional option is the ability to select a certificate that allows you to use the product on multiple devices. When we decide to buy a platform, software or game with a BOX license, we need to consider a slightly higher cost than other types of licenses. This includes, but is not limited to, box creation, physical media, and shipping fees. Of course, the time required to install the software is also long because the product must physically reach us. The advantage of this solution is the ability to easily transfer the computer to the selected device. Unexpected hardware failure or replacing an old device with a newer model may require system reinstallation.

Many people still choose to buy approved BOX games. This is mainly due to emotional and physical media and the desire to collect boxes of symbolic products.

What else can be found in the article? OEM box and license
Box and ESD license
Examples of BOX licenses
Definition of BOX license
OEM box and license
A few years ago, the difference between buying software or buying a platform with a BOX or OEM license was definitely more obvious. Of course, the main difference is the method of delivery. The licensed version of BOX is associated with the purchase of a box with physical media, e.g. CD / DVD or USB disk. In order for the product to reach the user, it is necessary to ship it or go to a stationary store. Buying the software or operating system with an OEM license is certainly a more convenient choice because the product comes in a digital version. A few minutes after the transaction, an activation key will appear on our email, which will be generated individually only for a specific user. The difference is that while an OEM license is for a specific device (usually a baseboard), a BOX license allows you to use the purchased operating system or software on multiple computers. In addition, the physical format guarantees us the full support of the manufacturer Microsoft, which does not happen if the product is purchased in the version with OEM license. Box and ESD license
Consumer behavior suggests that the purchase of software or operating systems with a BOX license is slowly being replaced by an ESD license. Electronic software distribution is a quick and convenient choice. Installation of the operating system or selected software is possible after a few minutes. After completing the transaction, a unique activation key will be sent to the user’s email address. However, when you begin the installation, your license or subscription is automatically saved to your account by the software provider. This means that the ESD lifetime license is displayed in the Microsoft user account. Both licenses - BOX and ESD - offer the same functionality for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It can be installed on any device. The only requirement is compliance with the minimum device parameters. The advantage of the ESD license in favor of purchasing the digital version is the fact that the latest generation laptops do not have CD / DVD media. Installation with a digital activation key requires only Internet access. Therefore, expect a complete rejection of the BOX license by OS manufacturers. Examples of BOX licenses
Many vendors still offer the option to purchase an operating system, antivirus software, or game physically under a BOX license. However, more and more stores are deciding to partially or completely abandon the sale of physical media. At TeamNet Software Store, we focus on providing products only in digital format. To make it as easy as possible for our customers to install a certain software or operating system, we offer digital activation keys. This is an important opportunity as the customer will receive the license key to the provided email address within about ten minutes after the transaction.

Collecting physical media (CD / DVD, USB, flash drives) and boxes (card, plastic) is not the most environmentally friendly option. A complete departure from physical distribution is an ecological and completely safe approach for our planet. Environmental issues are very important, so every store should try to get away from offering a BOX-licensed product entirely in favor of a digitally-licensed software or operating system. Definition of BOX license
A BOX license is the purchase of a product in a box, also called a “full”. This is one of the types of sales of computer equipment and software. KOX version products are usually made on the basis of cardboard (hence the English word “box”) or plastic packaging. Compared to other purchase options, the BOX version is very expensive. The most popular products sold as BOX licenses are the Microsoft Windows operating system, antivirus software and the Microsoft Office series. However, as mentioned above, most vendors abandon the BOX version altogether and offer their products to their customers under a digital OEM or ESD license.

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