Windows 10 vs windows 7, 8.1

There are many versions of Microsoft Windows software available on the market. This operating system is constantly being updated and improved, so newer versions are better. However, is the newest version always better than the previous one? What are the advantages or disadvantages of older versions of the computer? Find out in our article.


Windows 10 vs Windows 7
Windows 10 versus Windows 8.1
Windows 10 or Windows 11
Windows 10 vs Windows 8
Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista
Windows 10 vs Windows Vista
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Windows 10 vs. Windows 7
The operating system plays an important role in a computer or laptop. This software has an interface that enables the user to perform basic tasks and functions. Windows is currently the most popular software of its kind used in homes, government offices or businesses. As technology evolves, the Windows manufacturer releases more and more new versions of the operating system and enriches the software with additional features and innovations. How is Windows 10 different from the old version of Windows 7? The Windows 7 operating system has been in use for over ten years. It is not surprising that more and more people are choosing to install a new version of software on their device, e.g. Windows 10. Here is a short list of the most important changes:

User Interface - Windows 7 gives us a classic look and Windows 10 features a modern and cleaner look. The classic menu is enriched with live tiles, that is, tiles of applications or programs that we use most often. Search - Windows 7 lets you browse your drive to find a specific file. On the other hand, in addition to the search mentioned above, Windows 10 also features the ability to search for programs and information on the Internet or the Microsoft Store. Other types of browsers are also considered. Windows 7 uses Internet Explorer by default, while Windows 10 uses the Windows Edge browser, which allows the Cortana digital assistant to do voice searches. Synchronization - Multitasking across multiple devices dramatically increases productivity. Windows 7 does not consider the synchronization of tablet, phone, laptop, and computer functions. The new version of Windows 10 allows you to fully sync work - regardless of the device. With the help of the software, the operation can be continued from the point where the work was stopped. OneDrive integration - Windows 7 has OneDrive, but the connection isn’t exactly smooth. The new version of Windows 10 allows you to work with files at any time - creating additional backups and the ability to sync data on selected devices. Therefore, Windows 10 provides us with more modern, efficient and flexible solutions. In the Operations tab of our TeamNet software, the customer can choose either Windows 7 or Windows 10 software. Windows 10 versus Windows 8.1
The Windows 8.1 operating system is an update to the Windows 8 software released last year. This update includes new features and enhancements. But what are the differences between Windows 8.1 and Windows 10?

Menu - The new Start menu in Windows 10 is designed with computers and touch devices in mind. Windows 8.1 software has a full screen version of Start. The left side contains newly installed apes and is frequently used. However, on the right side are tiles that can be freely moved, resized or removed.
 - Windows 8.1 introduces applications in full screen mode that cannot be resized. The new Windows 10 operating system allows you to freely change the size of programs, thanks to which their functionality is close to the status of classic computer programs.
 - the aforementioned digital assistant is one of the most important innovations in the Windows 10 operating system. The voice search engine allows you to browse web pages for selected information, files, send emails, set reminders, or notifications.
Settings - Using computer settings in Windows 8.1 is not very easy. In the version of Windows 10, the old name has been replaced with a new name - Settings in Windows 10. Additional options and options have also been introduced. This program works like a traditional control panel.
 - Sidebar is disabled on Windows 10 platform. The application settings are accessible via a small menu icon to the left of the title bar.
 - The latest version of the software is characterized by the highest level of security. The system is enriched with the Windows Hello feature, which allows you to log in using your face or fingerprint on devices with this feature. Of course, Windows Defender is also available to protect against malware, viruses, and other types of threats. Internet Explorer vs. Microsoft Edge. The new version of the browser is enriched with many useful features, for example. Ability to take notes on websites. Maximum JavaScript performance makes Microsoft Edge the clear winner of the contest. The default search engine is Bing, but you can easily change it to Google.

Windows 10 or Windows 11
Windows 11 is currently the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, which was released in late 2021. Compared to the previous version of Windows 10, this software has been updated with many improvements. What are the most important changes?

Taskbar and Search - The taskbar icons are located in the center of Windows 11 instead of on the left in Windows 10. The new look is similar to the design used on Apple devices.
 - Windows 11 software has a comprehensive toolkit that allows you to use multiple widgets. We can easily check the current weather, scheduled calendar events, world news or tournament results. Windows 10 includes an update that introduces a similar option, but with much less functionality. Microsoft Store - The new version of the software has changed the look of the store. Browsing is certainly more intuitive and makes it easy to find selected apps. Microsoft also offers useful programs that we didn't know about before. On the left is an action menu that allows you to switch between selected content types. Despite occasional changes to the Microsoft Store, Windows 10 doesn’t have as many options as Windows 11.
 Edge - Windows 11 operating system presents a tool to change the position of windows on the desktop, thanks to which you can easily arrange selected windows against each other vertically, horizontally or in combination. Windows 10 does not have this type of option.
 window - the appearance of the settings panel in Windows 11 is transparent and has no border. Therefore there is a very fast access to the selected settings. In the old version, there was only one category in the configuration window. Themes - Windows 11 offers many new themes that differ in color and theme. The Windows 10 version had a smaller selection and additional themes could only be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Teams - Microsoft Teams is the standard interface on the Windows 11 operating system. Unlike Windows 10, it had Skype. Depending on personal preferences and needs, the user may choose to purchase the operating system of their choice from our TeamNet software.

 10 versus Windows 8

Windows 10 vs Windows 8
We mentioned a bit about the differences between Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. How does Windows 10 differ from the younger version - Windows 8? In fact, this list is similar to the one we made above. The Windows 8 operating system differs from the Windows 8.1 software in that it includes fixes and enhancements that address previous issues or system performance issues. However, it should be noted that Windows 10 works very well in terms of gaming support. Therefore, avid gamers should choose the new version of the software because Windows 10 has introduced a number of game-related features compared to Windows 8 - e.g. Game Bar or Game DVR option. Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista
The Windows 7 operating system offers several security enhancements over Windows Vista. The old system can annoy the user with constant pop-ups and windows, so the version of Windows 7 does not ask the user for permission to take certain action. The new operating system improved the BitLocker service (encrypting data on the hard drive) and named it BitLocker To Go.

Windows 7 is enriched with an Action Center - a module that groups tasks related to various aspects of Windows operation. This feature can solve any problem in the device.

Another innovation compared to Windows Vista is the jump list. After right-clicking on the selected application, a list of functions that have been used recently by that application will appear.

The Library function appeared in the Windows 7 operating system, thanks to which the user can easily access the most important folders and files. Another innovation is the use of new multi-touch technology. This option provides interaction with the computer by touch. Windows 10 vs. Windows Vista
The Windows 10 operating system is significantly different from its predecessor, Windows Vista. The successor to Windows XP was released in early 2007. This software has a completely new look and some improvements compared to the version of Windows XP. Comparing Windows Vista with the Windows 10 operating system, it should be noted that the improved version is enriched with new technical solutions. Windows 10 has a completely intuitive interface. The ease and convenience of using a computer is undeniable. In retrospect, Windows Vista was not well received by software users. It is surprising that users do not like the operating system due to the many changes.
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