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Windows 11 release and changes

In late June 2021, the official release of the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system took place, which was announced as the successor to Windows 10 - Microsoft’s most popular operating system at the time. “Eleven” is designed to work on a wide range of devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. How did he understand it and what was new? Here's everything you need to know about Windows 11. Windows 11 - the most notable changes
Windows 11 has a new and fresh look, and one of the most important changes Microsoft has made to its new software relates to the user interface. The launch, zoom, or task view buttons on the left side of the taskbar have been moved to the center of the screen. It is similar to MacOS, which not only affects the overall aesthetic, but also enhances the touch experience and is considered by many to be more intuitive. Windows 11’s hardware requirements predict that it will cover more mobile devices, so the following changes presented concern the ability to launch apps developed for Android, as well as the display of gestures supported by the touch pattern on the screen. The familiar Windows 10 tiles have been replaced with new and more detailed widgets. This option allows you to pin them to the top of the Start menu. Below are shortcuts to recently used programs and files. While this idea didn’t work well on a computer before, with the rise of portable devices, Microsoft decided to revive it. Users can more freely manage the workspace and customize the look of the desktop according to their preferences, as well as switch between screens.

Features introduced in Windows 11
New features introduced in Windows 11 include anchor layouts, anchor groups, and desktops that provide more efficient multitasking and control over it. This means that by arranging the windows, we can easily and efficiently optimize the screen area, which gives us a more transparent shape. Windows 11 is even more proud of the integration of chat into the taskbar. Thanks to this, regardless of the equipment we currently use, we can communicate very quickly with any contact via text messages, voice calls or chat. The great advantages of "Eleven" are the improved performance with the use of multiple monitors and the wide possibility of dividing the screen into four zones. The weather and news widgets have also been improved.

What other differences will we notice? The messages that Windows 11 still sends us are about new system programs and changes to existing programs. It may surprise some that Microsoft does not install Skype by default and replaces it with Teams. Windows 11 has been designed to fully satisfy the needs of the most demanding and advanced gamers. These enhancements include better contrast in games, emphasis on previously less visible details, improved gameplay on high-resolution screens, or more intuitive grouping of game types. What differences can we see between Windows 11 and Windows 10? The most important and notable of these is, first, a huge increase in system performance, which is now over 20%. Launching programs and the computer is very fast and efficient. It can also handle heavy workloads such as opening browsers, programs and messengers. What else does Microsoft Windows 11 offer us?
 11 has its supporters and opponents. It is said that this method was not accepted by the public as it was originally intended. Maybe that's why Microsoft has decided to introduce several new and relevant updates. New products improve the security of stored data and improve user productivity. One of the most notable changes is the return to the Windows Explorer tabs. Separate folders can be opened not only in separate windows, but also in separate tabs. Changes to the appearance of the Favorites panel and the appearance of the Home button are also applied. For Windows 11 users with Qualcomm processors, Microsoft has prepared special enhancements for video calls, such as improved exposure, improved sound quality, noise reduction, smart background blur, and image manipulation so we can keep eye contact. Over time, introduced innovations will become available to all users. An equally important change is the integration of Windows 365 with Windows 11. This means we can purchase a subscription that gives us access to a computer in the cloud. This allows us to use our data on any device from anywhere in the world. From a security perspective, improving phishing detection and protection will be critical. The task of this system will be to quickly monitor the efforts of cybercriminals and warn users against them.
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