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Have you tried Windows 11 before? Not sure when the official debut of the full version of Windows 11 will take place? Windows 11 is currently available for free as part of Windows Insider, but it is only a beta version. When will the full version of Windows 11 be available for purchase? What news does the Redmond giant’s newest product offer? In the next article, you will find out when the official release of Windows 11 will be announced in the world, when the official release of Windows will take place in Poland, where and who can download Windows 11. Use the full version for free. When Windows 11
Microsoft has announced that the release
 of Windows 11 is scheduled for the fall of 2021, and to be more precise, its release date is set for October 5th. Earlier it was reported that the first presentation of Windows 11 will be made only on new computers. But Microsoft recently announced that the latest update of Windows 10 will be released at the same time as Windows 11 in October. Windows 11 won’t debut right away, it will happen in stages, so most Windows 10 users will have to wait for the update early next year, but some new operating systems will be able to install the new operating system. Organization Oct.

Also, it’s
 worth noting that the release date of Windows 11 coincided with the first new video ad for Windows 11, where Microsoft targeted its services specifically to gamers and their needs. Windows 11 | Is Windows the best for gaming, or is the full version really the best for gamers? We'll find out in a few months. When Windows 11 is out
 we will have to wait some time for the whole version, we will look at the operating innovations given by Microsoft in the Test version of the latest Windows 11 ore operating system:

The new and refreshing
 interface is the main change we can see is worth noting that this button is not a standard place and the number of Windows opens. Menway refers to Android activity,
The Environmental Menu, this
 is the right mouse button after clicking pressing, designed to facilitate use,
The interface features two
 new features - button for the window menu and notification menus of clock icon,
 of configuration systems, sometimes difficult to find,
Windows is
 a feature that facilitates the operation when working on several programs
 to create an additional information panel for users,
 to set the Windows appearance - in Windows 11 you cannot change the size of a wallpaper, menu color, signs and text, but it can create perfect songs with colorful themes,
Featuring the night mode
 of dark fashion preset in Windows 10,
Teams linked to Windows 11 Send the icon featured in the Workgroup, send SMS messages and more
The new version of Microsoft Store is a simple use of software with a modified interface. Now using MS store, users can also use subscriptions like Adobe Creative Cloud,
New technology for smooth delivery between the desktop - Microsoft returns to the old solution makes it easy to separate sports programs from sports programs.
Improved method of meaning - Advanced method of detecting an excellent device, maintaining a high -level method of meaning, easy fixing interface, functions and programs,
Android integration operations
 with your desktop, a change that many users expect. The ability to start Android applications to Windows 11 and the ability to operate them freely. Windows 11 beta has been released for testers as developers, but really anyone who is interested can try it out. How to do it? First, check the requirements for the latest Windows 11 operating system. You don’t need special advanced hardware to test, but the TPM feature matters.

What device requirements must be met? 64-bit processor with at least 2 cores and a clock frequency of 1 GHz (according to the SoC standard), RAM min. 4 GB, minimum free disk space 64 GB, DirectX 12 or WDDM 2.0 compatible graphics card, new TPM 2.0 driver library and 9-inch 720p screen.
Of course, this
 is the minimum configuration, some features require advanced software, e.g. SSD with a minimum capacity of 1 TB. How to test Windows 11? The Insider Preview is available for those who participate in the Windows Insider program and have upgraded to Windows 10. Of course, to get access to it, you need to register for the Windows Insider program and be part of the group of testers, that is, those who have access to the latest builds - Windows 11 updates.

How do I join the Windows Insider group? Go to Settings, open Update and Security, in the next step select Windows Evaluation Program, then select Start Registration and Submit, and finally select Developer Channel and confirm.

If you are already a member of the test group, simply choose to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11, and after a few minutes the system will automatically transfer you to the trial version of the Windows 11 operating system. It is worth noting that all files and updates will be saved. If you do not upgrade Windows 10 to the full version of Windows 11, some of your programs will disappear. what We will write about this below.

However, keep in mind that this is only a beta version, Microsoft does not guarantee that this build will be free of bugs, in fact, beta versions are released precisely because so that targeted users can test whether there are any. . Any errors in the latest operating system. Windows 11 Premier
If you have installed the latest version of Windows 10 on your computer and meet the minimum hardware requirements, you can upgrade Windows 10 (Windows Update) to the latest version of the new Windows operating system for free when the full version is released. system.

Note that a system update changes the system version and returns some features. What functions are we talking about?

Gordana - from the first shoe of the piece,
Update the news and interests of the news - you can now find a new widget symbol in the working group,
Microsoft Explorer - The browser is fully removed and replaced the IE - Additional mode with Microsoft Edge.
The mathematical index group is completely outside Windows 11, is now being realized with the need for mathematical control and authentication. This change, however, does not affect the mathematical and ink formulas of Nototon.
Quickstates - Out of the blockade screen as well as Quicstateus -Related applications,
S -modo was presented only in Windows 11 at home,
Tablet mode ends and new keyboard closed functions relate to support,
Rising tool (earlier Snip & sketch) changed on the basis of appearance and performance,
Changing the workgroup's performance - the ability to adjust the taskbar in the programs, the taskbar is not only possible at the bottom of the page, no one is in the taskbar.
Take the options, the selected functions are still available in the browser,
The removal of the wallet,
Without board connection function, opening on devices of more than 18 inches,
After installing Windows 11, there is no access to built programs and you can replace the shop again. These programs include OneNote, 3D Viewer, Skype and Paint 3D.
Blocking some changes in the Start menu: no support for named folders and groups, no ability to resize the layout, no support for dynamic tiles, no movement of pinned websites and programs in Windows 10. Ability to find some Dynamic features in menu widgets. Windows 11 while in Poland
While neither testers nor developers of Windows 10 updates have reported any major bugs, system updates are done without major issues and the system even starts up very quickly in a few seconds. Programs work perfectly, as well as surfing the internet, writing documents, playing games. How will Windows 11 work? Microsoft has announced a significant increase in the performance of the new system. How does it work in practice? Unfortunately, according to the tests performed by the developers, there is no significant difference in the performance of the Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems. However, nothing will be final until Windows 11 releases the full version. We hope the new Windows will surprise you with, for example, a fast loading of games. What surprised the testers of Windows 11 is the absence of major errors in the performance of Windows 11, especially since it is only an experimental version, and with previous versions of operating systems, even in the full version, common errors are observed.

Windows 11 Pl
Microsoft has chosen a completely new and bold interface design that is intuitive to use with the latest operating system, such as computers with macOS. Additionally, Microsoft has decided to integrate the functionality of the app in Windows with Android, which means that macOS is integrated as it is now.

The premiere of Windows in Poland is scheduled for the fall of 2021, as well as the world premiere. Should I download the latest version of Windows 11?

It’s hard to answer this question after the trial version, as most Insider Preview testers have pointed out, it’s better to wait for the final version of the giant software and make a final decision. Windows 11 download
Where can I find Windows 11 to download? Windows 11 is downloaded as a voluntary upgrade to Windows 10 for users of the latest version of Windows 10. For users of older versions of Windows 10, Windows 11 is available for purchase in some online stores of official Microsoft Windows representatives, for example. In the TeamNet software.

We hope the above article has helped you answer the question of when the first presentation of Windows 11 will take place and what new products Microsoft is preparing for us.
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