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Windows key is an operating system that was introduced to the market in July 2015. Until 2016, it was offered as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. This Windows key solution has been used by more than 75 million users in a short amount of time, and in a moment it has received more than key0 million installations. This system is available on the market in two main versions. We will try to provide the purpose of each individual license and the difference in their implementation.


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In the following article you can read about the differences of Windows key versions and professional versions, look at the selected versions, help you determine what is appropriate for you, and recommend which version is very pleased. Windows key Professional vs. Home
key Home
 vs Professional winner? Windows key was created to address the shortcomings of the Windows 8 user interface. Therefore, users of Windows 7 and 8.1 operating systems had the opportunity to download a free update of their operating system to Windows key within 1 year from the time of the first release (until July 2016).

Windows key can be used in other Windows products such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and Xbox One consoles. The Windows key operating system will be released in a limited version compared to previous versions.

According to the
 Microsoft Windows standard, it is available in two licenses: Home and Professional. In addition to this system, also versions for use by large companies have been released: Windows key Enterprise, Education, Pro Education, Remote Server, Professional Workstation.

However, the most popular licenses are Windows key Home and Windows key Professional. It should also be noted that the standard version has an additional license - Windows key S. This is a version intended for educational use - for teachers, students and pupils. However, this operating system has several limitations, e.g. It does not allow you to change browser or download apps outside the Microsoft Store. Access to administrative tools is also very limited in this version, for example you cannot enter the registry editor. So if you have a choice between Windows key and Windows key S in the Home edition, the Home license is a much better choice. The S version is useful when loading an operating system into a computer with insufficient power, when buying a computer for young children, or when the computer is used by people who do not need an advanced operating system. However, the S version, poor thing, will certainly not be used by gamers and people who need a system for increased productivity. Such a system is, of course, expensive, but if you have a choice, it is certainly worth choosing a more expensive and profitable licensing option, such as Microsoft Windows Home or Pro. Comparison of Windows key versions
Windows key Home vs Pro means comparing the standard versions available. What is the difference between Windows key Home and Pro?

 home version of the Windows operating system can be used on home and work computers. There are no restrictions on the use of the selected license types. License restrictions apply only to Office and Microsoft 365 Office applications. Microsoft Windows key Autossions Home and Windows Pro (Home and Pro) is an effective and observed operating system that includes the following functions:

Windows Hello is a fingerprint reader who improves the comfort of the face and system recognition, thanks to Aura Windows, developed operation, you do not need to worry about password reminders.
Virtual desktop is another new feature launched by Microsoft in Windows key. More space for disk and high memory with a virtual desktop, where you can put the necessary documents and folders, and then move freely between local and virtual tables
Windows Defender - Antivirus Software Made on Windows key, with the need to take care of Cyber ​​fighters
Parental Control - The ability to create a nominated affiliate that you can manage for free from a manager's post, check websites, prevent access to the selected applications, time limitation to play through the use of the Internet.
Microsoft Edge: A browser that converts Eplover,
Gordana: Controlled Personal Assistant
 to help you operate the system
Windows Holygraphic: Holles - Website used to keep holographic mirrors,
 Tablet mode used for sensory devices. The difference between Windows key Home and Pro
How are
 the versions selected in the standard version different?

The main difference between these two types of licenses (system versions) is in the management of the corporate network. Home users of Windows key (Home Edition) do not have access to advanced settings that are very useful in large enterprises.

The Windows key Pro version has the following features:

BitLocker software - confidential documents, personal data protected by GDPR are information that must be protected, especially in such situations, the Microsoft BitLocker data encryption Pro version is required. This application allows you to access the selected data only for famous people, thanks to this if cyber attacks, theft or equipment are lost.
Ajur Active Directory Services
 - helps operate your computer network in the company, especially for IT workers, which makes it a useful and comfortable tool and makes it easier. Active Directory Azur Services sets up the process management process and devices for the given groups, as well as manage access to the company network,

Network devices, such as printers,
User account management - the ability to create accounts for specific users and give them access to selected features, applications, and data. This feature allows multiple users to use the same computer or laptop without disturbing each other’s personal data. If necessary, the administrator will gain access to user management to suspend logins, delete accounts that are no longer needed. Such a system effectively organizes the data stored in the computer and distributes the salary among individual employees of the company. Windows key Home or Professional - just for you
Windows Home or PRO? It all depends on the purpose of the operating system. If the laptop or computer will be used in an organization, regardless of the size of the organization, it is better to invest in a slightly more expensive Windows key Pro license, e.g. Pro. This kind of authorization ensures the security of the company’s data, which is a requirement of the current GDPR. Of course we talk about Pitlacker, who not only performs data encryption, as mentioned before, but also allows you to plan a system when you choose, even if you are out of your company. In addition, as mentioned before, the Pro -version allows you to create virtual desktop computers and manage multiple tasks at once, which significantly saves the time and quality of work in it. On the other hand, if you need Windows key to run demanding online or desktop games where we know the advantage over the competition, the quality of the graphics and the ability to achieve better results are important. The type of license is not particularly important. As for games, both Home and PRO versions of the operating system offer the highest quality graphics and sound, the only difference in this case is the purchase price of the chosen license. It should be noted that Windows key is the first operating system from Microsoft to support the Direct12 package, which is responsible for the quality of sound and graphics in games. In addition, it allows you to play in 4K at a higher resolution that was not previously available, and has an additional mode called "Games", which increases the performance of the computer while playing. Another major problem is access to Xbox Game Pass, which is only possible in Windows key.

We recommend which Windows is best
key Homemade or professional? Windows key is the most innovative operating system ever created by Microsoft. It has been released in response to the needs of the modern user with the aim of improving the current operation, performance and experience. New features added to the Windows key operating system allow you to better protect data on your computer at home or at work.

So, the answer to
 the question key Home or Pro - Windows key Pro shows more features, but if you don’t need such advanced features and you don’t have a medium or large company, Windows key Home will definitely suffice. The type of license Windows key PRO responds to the needs of businesses, players and individual users, the Home Adequate version, this license offers the quality and performance of a PRO-like computer, characterized mainly by the available software.

We hope the above article has given you the opportunity to decide which of the additional license types is right for you. We invite you to comment on the article and buy from our store.

In our offer you can find Windows key in the home version and Windows key in the PRO version. Windows key Home vs Professional - which to choose?
 key is the dominant system among Polish users. We'll talk about Windows 11 a little later, but for now it's worth checking out the Windows key Home vs. As the name suggests, Windows key Home is designed more for home use, and although it’s not as rich as Windows key Pro, it’s worth checking to see if your needs aren’t too heavy. The difference between Windows key Home and Professional also depends on price. Decide what is best for you and what is best for you.
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