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WINDOWS 10 Professional 32 bit 64 bit KEY 

To work properly, every PC needs an operating system. While there are many free Linux alternatives like Ubuntu or Debian, the vast majority of PC applications are developed with only one operating system in mind - Windows. Windows 10 is currently the most popular and best-selling operating system for PCs in the world, with over a billion active users around the world. 

With a Windows 10 Pro product key, you can gain immediate access to an advanced edition of the world’s most popular operating system for PCs, with many new features enabled. At, you’ll find a perpetual Windows 10 Pro licence for purchase at a much more affordable price than any retail store would offer. How is it possible?

What’s the difference between a Windows 10 key and a retail copy?

There is no functional difference between a Windows 10 Pro activation key and a Windows 10 Pro retail copy.Both versions of the software give you access to a perpetual licence key that can be activated on a single device. The only difference is the price point, with a retail copy costing over £200, and a product key often available for less than £10! 

Product key resellers like buy large amounts of original Windows 10 product keys at lower, often very limited prices. In some countries, such software is offered at much lower prices than in the UK or anywhere else - but individual customers often don’t have access to such deals. Here at, we want to make high-quality software more accessible for users who can’t afford to spend hundreds of pounds for a single-user licence. We offer genuine Windows 10 Pro CD keys, with which you can legally download and activate the operating system from the official website.

✔️ ONLINE Activation - Just use the key and it's ready! Activation does not require telephone activation (No Ringing).   

✔️ Windows 10 Professional / Pro activation key for 32 and 64bit versions.   

✔️ You can be sure of purchasing the original license that will not expire unexpectedly!   

✔️  Possibility of reusing the key on the same computer, eg after reinstalling the system .      

✔️  Original and perpetual license. 

✔️ Language version: any  

✔️  Download from the official website. 

✔️ Permanent  access to system updates. 

✔️  It is possible to  upgrade the system from Windows 7, 8, 8.1 to Windows 10, the manual is sent after the purchase (the previous license is transferred to the newer  system).       

✔️  After the purchase, you get: a key  in the form of 25 alphanumeric characters, an electronic license without a physical carrier and a sticker with the  instructions  and  a link to download the system  from the official website.        


Is Windows 10 still good?

Even though it’s been over 7 years since 10 was first released, it still continues to be the world’s most popular operating system for PCs. 75% of all desktop devices and laptops use Windows, and over 72% of those who use Windows choose Windows 10 - despite Windows 11 having been released in 2021.


Many users prefer to stay with Windows 10 instead of upgrading to Windows 11, either because the hardware requirements are too strict for their devices, or because they simply don’t like the look and feel of the new software. Windows 11 removed a lot of features that users loved in Windows 10, including Cortana and widgets, and introduced changes to the interface that’s confusing for many users. Customizing Windows 11 is also much more difficult than in Windows 10, as users have to spend hours looking through complicated settings to find the one they are looking for. 


While Windows 11 is still being developed and everything is subject to change, most users don’t like the direction where the system is going - which is exactly why they chose to stay on Windows 10, even though a free update to Windows 11 is available to all Windows 10 users. The support for Windows 10 ends in October 2025, and until that time the system will continue to receive important security updates and bug fixes. 


Most important features of Windows 10

One of the most common complaints of Windows 8 users was the removal of the Start Menu and the new tile-based interface. To satisfy old-school fans, brought back and improved the old Start Menu on Windows 10, with plenty of useful functions available at hand. By clicking the Start button located in the lower left corner of the screen, users can access a list of applications that they can freely customize, as well as a live-tile view (also fully customizable).


If you don’t like to do things manually, Windows 10 features a fully automated voice-controlled digital assistant - Cortana. With Cortana, you can issue voice commands and interact with your PC without touching your mouse and keyboard. It’s immensely helpful when multitasking, as you can access different functionalities like sending emails or searching your hard drive for a specific file without interrupting your current work.


Windows 10 Pro - what’s new compared to the Home edition?

While most home users won’t need the additional features offered with a Windows 10 Pro product key, advanced users might want to consider buying the Pro edition over the Home edition. 


Remote Desktop is one of the most prominent features of Windows 10 Pro, giving users the ability to control their PC remotely from another device connected to the same network. While there are many free alternatives for running a remote desktop, Windows 10 Pro offers native tools that were optimized to work with the OS and include many additional features that other solutions don’t.


Among other changes, Windows 10 Pro users also get access to BitLocker - if you’re concerned with your PC’s security, you can encrypt your data using BitLocker. You can encrypt a whole drive or individual files to protect them from hackers, and while there is other software that offers similar functionality, BitLocker is built into Windows 10 Pro and offers a reliable security solution.


The key activates the original system downloaded directly from the manufacturer's official website . 



The key will not work for Windows 10 Pro with the letter N. 

A USB flash drive (Minimum 8 GB) or DVD is required to create the system media. 

The installer for creating the media can be run on windows 7 or later. 


Required for system installation:

- 2 GB RAM for 32-bit or 4 GB RAM for 64-bit. 

- 20 GB of free disk space. 

- 64 bit processor clocked at 1 GHz. 


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